Dynamic Library problems under NT


I would like to know if anyone is using library DLL's for any applications.
Here are some of my observations with Windows NT 3.51, VC++2.0 and libwww 4.0C
combination. Would appreciate if anyone else using this can give/offer 
comments on the behaviour....


Tools under test :- Our own collaboration tools (cross - platform).

Library as DLL :-
	Followed the order of compilation given in the url 
	Used HTBinit.c as part of the project as the routine HTFileInit, is
	not part of any DLL.
	Results :
		Library is crashing while writing the retrieved URL. (note, it 
		retrieved the remote url properly).
		Someone else also mentioned this in the www-lib mailing list 
		some time back. This problem seems to be still existing.

Library as a static library :-
	Under Debug mode of compilation (defining _DEBUG flag) everything seems
	to be working.	
	However, when we compile for release, the application is apparently
	exiting out from somewhere inside the library. As there is no debug
	information available under release version. I could trace it down
	to the library internals by using some form of dialog boxes.