Re: Server Implementation ONLY - what to exclude from the Common Lib?

Vu Nguyen writes:
> Due to limited memory available, I'd like to know what I can exclude from the Libwww in order to implement a Web server

Speaking in terms of DLLs - what you need is the following:

	- wwwutils.dll: The basic programming utilities
	- wwwcore.dll:  The core registry
	- wwwfile.dll:  The local file access module

Then you also need a HTTP server module. This is not yet in place but you can have a look at the HTTPServ.c module which is a first very basic and raw draft of what it might look like.

The wwwutils and wwwcore DLLs must be included in all libwww based applications but the rest can be configured as needed. The total size of the two DLLs is about 160K in a stripped version.


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