Re: re : More about structured streams, SGML/HTML parser...

>Which just canonizes the SGML stream on output, then we have our own
>processing of Data. e.g this canonizer would add the omitted tags.
>I do not agree that 
>	<ul>
>	 <li><p>foo
>	 <li><p>bar
>	</ul>
>	<ul>
>	 <li><p>foo</p></li>
>	 <li><p>bar</p></li>
>	</ul>
>should be rendered differently, because the content is exactly the same,...

Indeed! But some browsers just do it. :-(

>in fact the parsing or canonizing process should be tolerant enough to let
>faulty stream pass in some situations. Warnings should be generated to allow
>browser to take decision.


>We are also considering using SGMLS, NSGMLS, SP (...) to canonize on-the-fly.

Do you have some experience or are you still just considering?

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