SERIOUS problem

A program I wrote that used libwww 3.1 suddenly started GROWING
to infinite size, consuming all swap space and crashing.

I found the URL that is causing this. Try the following with 
the 3.1 LineMode browser:

www http://www.xs4all.nl/~alexcoke/

or better:

www -v http://www.xs4all.nl/~alexcoke/

	What is going on here??

This block is repeated "forever". The process grows and grows!!

Thread...... Registering socket number 3 for action CLEAR READ
UnRegister.. Found entry for socket 3
Unregister.. operations set for socket is 1
Event Loop.. calling select: maxfds is 3
Event Loop.. select returns 1
Processing.. Read socket set. max_sock is 3
Retrieve.... Found socket 3
Read Socket. Stream WOULD BLOCK

I assume this is a bug!


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