Re: Encoding the form-urlencoded Media Type

> >  Looking at the just-
> >released-to-the-public W3C WWWLibrary, HTEscape.c appears to let
> >"-._" pass unencoded, but not the "safe" `$'; the "extra" `*' is
> >O.K., yet none of its peers are.
> This is a defect in WWWLibrary. I believe henrik already knows
> about this. I'll copy www-lib@w3.org on this just in case.

I do - I use half of my time updating the code according to I don't know how 
many specificatins :-( The escape/unescape is one of the places where there 
still are problems.

> >I think we're all in agreement that alphanumerics don't need to
> >be encoded.  Nowhere else in draft-ietf-html-spec-05.txt is
> >there any mention of what constitute "reserved characters," but
> >it seems that [URL]'s definition isn't applicable,
> Why not? I believe [URL]'s definition is applicable. Hmmm...
> it may be updated by [RELURL]. Roy?
> > yet the
> >reference implementation doesn't limit itself to strict
> >alphanumerics either.

It will be fixed in the next release


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