Re: POSTing a binary file to a CGI-script.

In general it is almost no assumption about data sent in entity body
of request. BUT when you send it with POST it is used Content-Type:
x-www-url-encoded. Data sent conforming this format is expected to
be text (all which is not explictly allowed i.e alphanumeric plus some
punctation characters) should be encoded to form %hh. Which is hex
equivallent of restricted character.

The solution as far as I see is to use another Content-Type: it will
work very similar to PUT method in this way. Of course CGI script
should be concious of another content as also should be
submitted conten-length to simplify receiving data in CGI script.
When you looked at libwww so I suppose you are developing another tool
which will make it. In this case it should not be hard.
I made sth very similar but for older version of libwww which completely
does not supported POST!


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