Re: static link problem on SunOS 4.1.3

> I just built libwww on SunOS 4.1.3 but had to remove the -static
> option when I linked it with LineMode.  Before I did this, it failed
> the call to gethostbyname in HTGetHostByName.  The output just said:
> WWW Alert:  Fatal Error Can't locate remote host info.cern.ch
> Is there any reason for static linking?  Does anyone know if this
> problem would be related to the DNS patches that are usually applied
> to 4.1.3 systems? Sunspots? Pollen count?

The problem is the SunOs internal version of the resolver library that 
uses DNS as a backup for NIS. Unfortunately there is abug in the library
so that it doesn't always work. Therefore you will also find a line in
the All/sun4/Makefile.include file with someting like

	LFLAGS -lresolv

You normally don't have to do the static link. I have to when generating 
precompiled binaries as I don't know what version of the shared libraies
you all use!


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