simple example of how to retrieve raw HTML using libwww

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>Subject: simple example of how to retrieve raw HTML using libwww
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>Hello Good People,
>Am I the only one who finds the documentation on the CERN libwww
>library less than useful? I am having a great deal of trouble figuring
>out how to do something which should be very simple.
>I want to use libwww to compose a request for a URL, and have it fill
>buffer which contains the raw contents of the document (or image or
>whatever). I also want to be able to examine the information returned
>in the response header, about content length, location, etc, which I
>presume will be neatly stored in the HTRequest structure.
>Can anyone point me at a simple piece of source code that does what I
>want?  And please don't tell me to look at the CERN LineMode browser;
>I have and it is really quite difficult for me to understand. There
>must be a twenty line program that does what I want already??
>        Henry

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