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Is the 5.4.0 ZIP distribution really 5.3.2 ? And what I had to do to make it even build successfully with MS VC6 SP6

From: <gpicher@desknetinc.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 15:54:28 -0500
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <OF15DE1ADE.E7BC20C5-ON852576B2.0068B432-852576B2.0072DBC2@portland.desknetinc.com>

Ok, something is strange. I am assuming this is place to start getting
libwww source...


The Get It! link there takes you to...


The Latest Tar Ball Release section says you can get 5.4.0 here...


But when you unzip that, you get a ChangeLog that has 5.3.2 as the release,
and a Library/src/windows/config.h file that has W3C_VERSON defined as
"5.3.1".  The same is true for the .tgz file in the same place.

Similarly, the Libwww_V5.4.0.EXE installer for Windows binaries, available
from ftp://ftp.idm.ru/libwww/  (suggested by the Distribution page),
installs a ChangeLog in c:\Program Files\Libwww that indicates 5.3.2 is the
latest release. (There is no source installed with that installer, other
than the ChangeLog file.)

Similarly, checking out the source from CVS using the tag Release-5-4-0
gets you a ChangeLog that says 5.3.2 and a  Library/src/windows/config.h
file that has W3C_VERSON defined as "5.3.1".

Oh, also: ***IT DOESN'T BUILD***  ;)  in MS VC6 SP6 out of the box. Its
world.dsw will build only if you...

   1. disable HT_POSIX_REGEX in Library/src/windows/config.h  (because
   regex.h is not included in the distribution, contrary to build

   2. disable HT_EXPAT there as well (no xmlparser.dll (sic - I think that
   really should read "xmlparse.dll") or xmltok.dll in the distribution,
   contrary to instructions);

   3. disable HT_ZLIB there as well (the distribution has no zlib.h);

   4. Click "Exclude file from build" for "gnu_regex.lib" in wwwapp.dsw (no
   such file in the distribution again);

   5. Similarly exclude xmlparse.lib from wwwinit.dsdw ( no such file in
   the distribution);

   6. Remove wwwxml.dsw from world.dsw since we can't build it at all
   without having HT_EXPAT defined . (This removes wwwxml.dsw as a
   dependency from projects in world.dsw, but some of those dependences may
   have been important.)

   7. Similarly remove wwwzip.dsw from world.dsw since we can't build it at
   all without having HT_ZLIB defined;

   8. Similarly remove WinCom.dsw from world.dsw (almost none of its files
   are present in the distribution);

The build instructions do not tell you where to get the pieces that are
missing from this distribution ZIP file, though I imagine they must be in

Glenn Picher
DeskNet Inc.
Received on Thursday, 21 January 2010 20:55:24 UTC

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