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Regarding authentication scheme handling

From: Pallavi Agrawal <pallavi.agrawal@wipro.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 19:59:40 +0530
To: <www-lib@w3.org>
Message-ID: <PNE-HJN-EX103LTkUD500000551@PNE-HJN-MBX02.wipro.com>


I am working on libwww.


I have one query related to libwww handling of NTLM responses for

Looking at the code in HTInit.c, it seems that only "basic" and "digest"
authentication schemes are supported.


PUBLIC void HTAAInit (void)



    HTAA_newModule ("basic", HTBasic_generate, HTBasic_parse, NULL,


#ifdef HT_MD5

    HTAA_newModule ("digest", HTDigest_generate, HTDigest_parse, 

                             HTDigest_updateInfo,  HTDigest_delete);

#endif /* HT_MD5 */



HTAuthInfoFilter function checks for the available modules(which are basic
and digest in this case). If the current scheme doesn't match with any of
them, it will return HT_ERROR. In HTNetcall_executeAfter, this return type
is not handled going further up.


PUBLIC int HTNetCall_executeAfter (HTList * list, HTRequest * request,

                                                   int status)


    int ret = HT_OK;

    if (status != HT_IGNORE) {

            HTParentAnchor * anchor = HTRequest_anchor(request);

            char * url = HTAnchor_physical(anchor);

            char * addr = url ? url : HTAnchor_address((HTAnchor *) anchor);

            HTResponse * response = HTRequest_response(request);

            if (list && request && addr) {

                AfterFilter * pres;

                while ((pres = (AfterFilter *) HTList_nextObject(list))) {

                        if ((pres->status == status || pres->status ==
HT_ALL) &&

                            (!pres->tmplate ||

                             (pres->tmplate && HTStrMatch(pres->tmplate,
addr)))) {

                            HTTRACE(CORE_TRACE, "Net After... calling %p
(request %p, response %p, status %d, context %p)\n" _ 

                                                pres->after _ request _
response _ 

                                                status _ pres->param);

                            ret = (*pres->after)(request, response,
pres->param, status);

                            if (ret != HT_OK) break;



                            **  Update the address to match against if the
filter changed

                            **  the physical address.


                            if ((url = HTAnchor_physical(anchor))) addr =






            if (!url) {




    return ret;


There are many places in code where the return type from this function is
not handled.

For example in function HTNet_newClient, following code doesn't handle the
return value:

if (HTEvent_isCallbacksRegistered() && !HTRequest_preemptive(request))

                createAfterFilterEvent(request, status);


                HTNet_executeAfterAll(request, status);

            return YES;

This is resulting into browser getting hung and the select call in
HTEvtLst_loop doesn't return. 


Please let me know if we have any solution to this problem. 


Thanks and Regards,

Pallavi Agrawal,

Project Engineer

PDC-1 ,Wipro Technologies



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