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Re: libwww contributions

From: Vic Bancroft <bancroft@america.net>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 23:59:27 -0500
Message-ID: <44164DAF.1000908@america.net>
To: Bobby Jack <bobbykjack@yahoo.co.uk>
CC: Vic Bancroft <bancroft@dlogic.org>, libwww w3c <www-lib@w3.org>

Bobby Jack wrote:

>I do currently have access to a Solaris box, should you require any testing /
>confirmation of bugs.
In hopes that we are narrowing the gap on this candidate, I moved our 
5.4.1 tag,

    $ cvs tag -F candidate-5-4-1 2>&1 | grep "^T"
    T ChangeLog
    T configure.ac
    T Library/src/HTAABrow.html
    T Library/src/HTAAUtil.html
    T Library/src/HTANSI.html
    T Library/src/HTAccess.html
    T Library/src/HTAlert.html
    T Library/src/HTAncMan.html
    T Library/src/HTAnchor.html
    T Library/src/HTArray.html
    T Library/src/HTAssoc.html
    T Library/src/HTAtom.html
    T Library/src/HTBInit.html
    T Library/src/HTBTree.html
    T Library/src/HTBind.html
    T Library/src/HTBound.html
    T Library/src/HTBufWrt.html
    T Library/src/HTCache.html
    T Library/src/HTChannl.html
    T Library/src/HTChunk.html
    T Library/src/HTConLen.html
    T Library/src/HTCookie.html
    T Library/src/HTDAV.html
    T Library/src/HTDNS.html
    T Library/src/HTDemux.html
    T Library/src/HTDescpt.html
    T Library/src/HTDialog.html
    T Library/src/HTDigest.html
    T Library/src/HTDir.html
    T Library/src/HTEPtoCl.html
    T Library/src/HTError.html
    T Library/src/HTEscape.html
    T Library/src/HTEvent.html
    T Library/src/HTEvtLst.html
    T Library/src/HTFSave.html
    T Library/src/HTFTP.html
    T Library/src/HTFTPDir.html
    T Library/src/HTFWrite.html
    T Library/src/HTFile.c
    T Library/src/HTFile.html
    T Library/src/HTFilter.html
    T Library/src/HTFormat.html
    T Library/src/HTGopher.html
    T Library/src/HTGuess.html
    T Library/src/HTHInit.html
    T Library/src/HTHash.html
    T Library/src/HTHeader.html
    T Library/src/HTHist.html
    T Library/src/HTHome.html
    T Library/src/HTHost.html
    T Library/src/HTHstMan.html
    T Library/src/HTIOStream.html
    T Library/src/HTIcons.html
    T Library/src/HTInet.html
    T Library/src/HTInit.html
    T Library/src/HTLib.html
    T Library/src/HTLink.html
    T Library/src/HTList.html
    T Library/src/HTLocal.html
    T Library/src/HTLog.html
    T Library/src/HTMIME.html
    T Library/src/HTMIMERq.html
    T Library/src/HTMIMImp.html
    T Library/src/HTMIMPrs.html
    T Library/src/HTML.html
    T Library/src/HTMLGen.html
    T Library/src/HTMLPDTD.html
    T Library/src/HTMemLog.html
    T Library/src/HTMemory.html
    T Library/src/HTMerge.html
    T Library/src/HTMethod.html
    T Library/src/HTMulpar.html
    T Library/src/HTMulti.html
    T Library/src/HTMuxCh.html
    T Library/src/HTMuxHeader.html
    T Library/src/HTMuxTx.html
    T Library/src/HTNDir.html
    T Library/src/HTNet.html
    T Library/src/HTNetMan.html
    T Library/src/HTNetTxt.html
    T Library/src/HTNews.html
    T Library/src/HTNewsLs.html
    T Library/src/HTNewsRq.html
    T Library/src/HTNoFree.html
    T Library/src/HTPEP.html
    T Library/src/HTParse.html
    T Library/src/HTPlain.html
    T Library/src/HTProfil.html
    T Library/src/HTProt.html
    T Library/src/HTProxy.html
    T Library/src/HTRDF.c
    T Library/src/HTRDF.html
    T Library/src/HTReader.html
    T Library/src/HTReq.html
    T Library/src/HTReqMan.html
    T Library/src/HTResMan.html
    T Library/src/HTResponse.html
    T Library/src/HTRules.html
    T Library/src/HTSChunk.html
    T Library/src/HTSQL.html
    T Library/src/HTSQLLog.html
    T Library/src/HTSocket.html
    T Library/src/HTStream.html
    T Library/src/HTString.html
    T Library/src/HTStruct.html
    T Library/src/HTStyle.html
    T Library/src/HTTCP.html
    T Library/src/HTTChunk.html
    T Library/src/HTTP.html
    T Library/src/HTTPGen.html
    T Library/src/HTTPReq.html
    T Library/src/HTTPRes.html
    T Library/src/HTTPServ.html
    T Library/src/HTTPUtil.html
    T Library/src/HTTeXGen.html
    T Library/src/HTTee.html
    T Library/src/HTTelnet.html
    T Library/src/HTTimer.html
    T Library/src/HTTrans.html
    T Library/src/HTUTree.html
    T Library/src/HTUU.html
    T Library/src/HTUser.html
    T Library/src/HTUtils.html
    T Library/src/HTWAIS.html
    T Library/src/HTWSRC.html
    T Library/src/HTWWWStr.html
    T Library/src/HTWriter.html
    T Library/src/HTXML.html
    T Library/src/HTXParse.html
    T Library/src/HTZip.html
    T Library/src/HText.html
    T Library/src/HTextImp.html
    T Library/src/SGML.html
    T Library/src/wwwsys.html

Does this compile and run appropriately on all the platforms we know and 
love ?

What is still missing ?


"The future is here. It's just not evenly distributed yet."
 -- William Gibson, quoted by Whitfield Diffie
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