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HTHostEventimeout: How do u cancle a timer

From: Sinha, Raj (Raj) <rajsinha@avaya.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 10:00:36 -0400
Message-ID: <8CA1128D59AD27429985B397118CEDDF019E316A@nj7460avexu1.global.avaya.com>
To: <www-lib@w3.org>
On the HostEventTimeout, I have a general question
I have a similar application that launches a request recursively. What I
do notice is that the timer that is started for a request (or rather the
host) is not cancelled when the request is complete. It times out after
the pre determined 30 seconds. IF we had launched another request then a
new timer is started.
My questions is : shouldn't the old timer (with the first request) be
cancelled. I can see that it times out at the end of 30 seconds and
tries to execute the call back function. If there is a method to do that
can someone please point me to it. I would imagine that the library
should take care of this automatically
Thanks Raj
Raj Sinha
1 732 852 2077
307 Middletown Lincroft Road
Lincroft, NJ  07738-1526  U S


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	Hi All,
	    I have written a piece of code something like this and I am
calling the function xrayhttpget after a fixed time interval
repeatetively .But I have encountered a problem in this
	Suppose I give a valid uri of some html document and as I said
my program logic will continuosly loop and try to fetch this document in
each iteration .Also I have specified the 
	time gap between the successive requests is 3 seconds then
during the second iteration my program gives segmentaion fault and it
occurs due to the HTHost_setEventTimeout(3000);
	call in the code.Could anyone explain me why this could occur?
	PRIVATE int request_terminater (HTRequest * request, HTResponse
* response,
	    void * param, int status) 
	    /*Stop the event loop and quit*/
	    HTEventList_stopLoop ();
	    return HT_OK;
- */
	/* xrayhttpget will now accept the uri and length of the uri*/
	int xrayhttpget ( char * argv ,int len, int completeURI)
	 App * app = NULL;
	 HTRequest * request = NULL;
	 HTAnchor * anchor = NULL;
	 /* Need our own trace and print functions */
	 char * uri = HTParse(argv, NULL, PARSE_ALL);
	 if ((anchor = HTAnchor_findAddress(uri)) == NULL)
	  anchor = HTAnchor_findAddress(DEFAULT_HOME);
	#if 0
	 /* Initiate libwww */
	 /* Create a new app obect */
	 app = App_new();
	 /* Add our own request terminate handler */
	 HTNet_addAfter(request_terminater, NULL, app, HT_ALL,
	 /*Set the timeout for request */
	 /* Start request */
	 request = Request_new(app ,argv ,len, completeURI);
	 if(get_document(request, anchor) == YES) {
	  /* Go into the event loop... */
	 Request_delete(app, request);
	 return 0;
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