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undefined symbol - HTZlib_inflate

From: Nathan Coraor <nate@cse.psu.edu>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 10:47:58 -0400 (EDT)
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-Id: <20030725144758.7361B396EE@corona.cse.psu.edu>

Hello all.

Compiling teTeX 2.0.2 on Solaris 9 w/ Sun ONE Studio 8 compilers is
failing when trying to link with libwwwapp.a.  The error follows:

/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -o oxdvi.bin -L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib xdvi.o dvi-draw.o dvi-init.o events.o font-open.o string-utils.o my-vsnprintf.o my-snprintf.o help-window.o message-window.o statusline.o xserver-info.o gf.o pk.o psdps.o psgs.o psheader.o psnews.o special.o util.o vf.o sfDir.o sfDraw.o sfPath.o sfSelFile.o hypertex.o mime.o wwwfetch.o alloca.o dvips.o tfmload.o -L/usr/local/lib -lwwwzip -lwwwinit -lwwwapp -lwwwxml -lexpat -lwwwhtml -lwwwtelnet -lwwwnews -lwwwhttp -lwwwmime -lwwwgopher -lwwwftp -lwwwfile -lwwwdir -lwwwcache -lwwwstream -lwwwmux -lwwwtrans -lwwwcore -lwwwutils -lmd5 -ldl -lnsl -lsocket -lz -L/usr/lib -lssl -lcrypto -lt1 -L/usr/openwin/lib -R/usr/openwin/lib -lXaw -lXmu -lXt -lSM -lICE -lXext -lX11 -lsocket -lnsl ../kpathsea/STATIC/libkpathsea.a -lm
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
 HTZLib_inflate                      /usr/local/lib/libwwwapp.a(HTInit.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to oxdvi.bin

I scoured the web and the archives of this mailing list in an attempt
to see if others had experienced this.  While I did find many people
experiencing problems similar to this, the solution was usually that
-lwwwzip was not included or Libwww compiled without zlib.  However as
you can see above, lwwwzip was included, and the relevant portions of
the build process for libwww seem to indicate that it did link against
libz with no errors:

/usr/ccs/bin/ld -G -h libwwwzip.0 -o .libs/libwwwzip.0.1.0  HTZip.lo  -R/usr/loc
al/lib  -L/usr/local/lib -ldl -lnsl -lsocket -lz -L/usr/lib -lssl -lcrypto -lc
(cd .libs && rm -f libwwwzip.0 && ln -s libwwwzip.0.1.0 libwwwzip.0)
(cd .libs && rm -f libwwwzip && ln -s libwwwzip.0.1.0 libwwwzip)
ar cru .libs/libwwwzip.a  HTZip.o
ranlib .libs/libwwwzip.a
creating libwwwzip.la

The same is true of libwwwapp, as well.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,

nathan coraor
cse it support
Received on Friday, 25 July 2003 10:48:00 UTC

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