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Re: errors in post request

From: Hanspeter Halle <hphalle@t-online.de>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 09:23:52 +0100
Message-Id: <200305070823.h478NrN09934@blueberry.hphalle.de>
To: pawar <venupawar@yahoo.com>, www-lib@w3.org
Hi Venu,
the original post code in libwww is broken for servers supporting pipelinig 
(which are the most ones nowadays). If a 2nd post to the same server is 
requested before the data of the 1st one is sent libwww sends the 2nd 
HTTP-request before the data of the first. This will screw up every server. 
Possible solutions:

1. Decrease the delay between the post and the data inserted by libwww 
(default is 2s) by using the function HTTP_setBodyWriteDelay. This in fact 
does only decrease the propability of this problem.

2. Switch off pipelining. So for every request a new TCP-connection will be 

3. Try if my patch (see below) can still be applied to the current version of 
libwww. It delays the transmission of the 2nd HTTP-Request until the data for 
the 1st one has completely delivered.


Am Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2003 09:53 schrieb pawar:
> hi everybody,
> i am new to libwww library.
> i am developing application which works like a proxy
> server. it receives request from browser, and it will
> forward that request to remote server using libwww
> library and sockets.
> i am getting errors while getting data  from remote
> server in post request.
> when the first time request goes to server through my
> application, server is responding properly and getting
> data, but when the second request goes to remote
> server while reading the data from the remote server i
> am getting the following error.
> from HTDialog_errorMessage() function of HTDialog.c
> Fatal Error: 403 Forbidden (Forbidden)
> anybody helps me in this greatly appreciated.
> thanks & regards,
> venu
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