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Re: recursive url retriever

From: Vic Bancroft <bancroft@zvolve.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 10:53:17 -0500 (EST)
To: Emmanuel Saracco <esaracco@noos.fr>
cc: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.21.0212021043340.25774-100000@zweb>

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Emmanuel Saracco wrote:

> once again: could anybody send me a simple recursive uri load with depth
> control using libwww?

If you are looking for simple, why use libwww =;>  

  [bancroft@res:/usr/local/src/w3c-libwww-5.4.0/Robot/src]$ grep HTQueue *.c
  HTQueue.c:**	@(#) $Id: HTQueue.c,v 1.1 1998/10/26 22:45:34 frystyk Exp $
  HTQueue.c:#include "HTQueue.h"
  HTQueue.c:HTList * HTQueue_new(void)
  HTQueue.c:BOOL HTQueue_delete(HTList *me)
  HTQueue.c:BOOL HTQueue_enqueue(HTList *me,void *newObject)
  HTQueue.c:BOOL HTQueue_append(HTList *me,void *newObject)
  HTQueue.c:BOOL HTQueue_dequeue(HTList *me)
  HTQueue.c:BOOL HTQueue_isEmpty(HTList *me)
  HTQueue.c:void * HTQueue_headOfQueue(HTList *me)
  HTQueue.c:int HTQueue_count(HTList *me)
  HTRobot.c:#include "HTQueue.h"
  HTRobot.c:    me->queue = HTQueue_new();
  HTRobot.c:	if (mr->queue) HTQueue_delete(mr->queue);
  HTRobot.c:		HTQueue_append(mr->queue, (void *) nhd);
  HTRobot.c:	HTQueue_append(mr->queue, (void *)hd); (mr->cq)++;
  HTRobot.c:      if(!HTQueue_isEmpty(mr->queue))
  HTRobot.c:	  HyperDoc *nhd = (HyperDoc *)HTQueue_headOfQueue(mr->queue);
  HTRobot.c:	      HTQueue_dequeue(mr->queue); (mr->cq)--;
  HTRobot.c:		HTQueue_enqueue(mr->queue, (void *) nhd);

The basic idea is to queue urls that match the pattern rather than doing it
recursively.  This allows the robot to separate out the tasks of fetching urls,
deciding whether to follow the links and actually processing the queue (all
without having a runaway stack).

Perhaps if you turn the HT_MYSQL definition on it will be easier to follow . . .


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