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Re: [thomas.porschberg@osp-dd.de: cooperation xmlrpc-c and w3c-libwww]

From: Phil Nitschke <Phil.Nitschke@YourAmigo.com>
Date: 25 Jul 2002 10:47:49 +0930
To: Thomas Porschberg <thomas.porschberg@osp-dd.de>
Cc: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <lx7kjkmwqq.fsf@xena.saluka.net>

>>>>> "TP" == Thomas Porschberg <thomas.porschberg@osp-dd.de> writes:

  TP> I tried to install xmlrpc-c-0.9.9 on my linux box with support for
  TP> ssl.  For this purpose xmlrpc-c requires w3c-libww and openssl.  I
  TP> installed both(w3c-libwww-5.4.0/openssl-0.9.6d), but I encounter
  TP> still a compile error by compiling xmlrpc-c.  However, I googled
  TP> and figured out that I need a "ssl glue" library that provide some
  TP> missing functions.  Where to get this library ?  Any hints?

  TP> To be more specific:

  TP> the link error from building xmlrpc-c-0.9.9
  TP> ============================================

  TP> .libs/libxmlrpc_client.so: undefined reference to `HTSSLhttps_init'
  TP> .libs/libxmlrpc_client.so: undefined reference to `HTSSL_protMethod_set'
  TP> .libs/libxmlrpc_client.so: undefined reference to `HTSSL_verifyDepth_set'
  TP> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

  TP> I have installed:

  TP> w3c-libwww-5.4.0 (configured with --with-ssl)
  TP> and
  TP> openssl-0.9.6d

Hi Thomas,

Without more details it is difficult to be sure what the real problem
is, but my guess is that you simply need to link against another of the
libwww sub-libraries.  I suspect that ultimately this is because you're
not giving the correct options to all the "configure" commands.

If you've built libwww correctly using --with-ssl, then you can type
either of these commands to find your missing symbols.

  $ nm -g ./Library/src/SSL/.libs/libwwwssl.a | grep " T "
  $ nm -D ./Library/src/SSL/.libs/libwwwssl.so | grep " T "

(These commands work for me on my GNU/Linux system.)

If that gives you the answer you need, then simply add this library to
the link line that you were using, e.g. manually, with:

   -L../path/to/libwww/Library/src/SSL/.libs/ -lwwwssl

or, better still, using automake, by ensuring "@LIBWWWSSL@" is found on
your program's _LDADD line in its Makefile.am

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