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Re: w3c-libwww-5.2.8-7 bug report

From: David Binderman <d.binderman@virgin.net>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 19:24:19 -0500 (EST)
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To: "Rob Corell" <rcorell@adobe.com>, "Desrochers, Gary" <Gary.Desrochers@fmr.com>, "'Jean-Christophe Touvet'" <jct@EdelWeb.fr>, "Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro" <Manuele.Kirsch_Pinheiro@inrialpes.fr>
Cc: <www-lib@w3.org>
> To be even less scientific (but more the engineer I actually am), I think
> the most potent argument for ignoring those warnings is still: "You're not
> using gopher.  Or PICS.".

So what ?

The point is that I've found a few places where some C code doesn't
quite conform to the ISO C language standard.

This is simple compile time stuff, about sticking to the language
standard, not tricky run time behaviour.

You can fix it if you like. I'm happy either way.


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