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RE: Problems with data POST (returns -1)

From: Michel Philip <mphilip@infovista.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 05:52:02 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <F520B214418AD4119F7000508BD90CC294B98C@hq01sr02.infovista.com>
To: "'www-lib@w3.org'" <www-lib@w3.org>

> For what concerns -1 status return did you tried
>    HTRequest_setOutputStream(request,HTBlackHole());

This is not good for the code that Alik wrote for he calls
Nor for the code that Manuele wrote for he calls 'HTLoadToChunk()'
This was ok for me for I call 'HTLoadAbsolute()'

Then maybe you could find some help with the following.

For what concerns -1 content-length in a repeated request I did many
First are you sure that the first request really success ?
I mean that if you do 
    HTNet_addAfter(errors_callback, NULL, NULL, HT_ERROR, HT_FILTER_LAST);
then errors_callback() is never called.

Second check if -1 content-length came from HTReader_read.

I've this patch in HTReader:

	    me->b_read = NETREAD(soc, me->data, INPUT_BUFFER_SIZE);
	    if ( me->b_read < 0 ) {
		/* mphilip@infovista.fr */
		me->b_read = 0;

I've also patches in HTMime and HTTP.
For I'm doing: 

I found this obvious issue in HTTPEvent:

        long read_len = HTNet_bytesRead(net);
        long doc_len = HTAnchor_length(anchor);
        if (HTHost_numberOfOutstandingNetObjects(host) == 1 &&
	    http->result != HT_CONTINUE && (doc_len<0 || doc_len==read_len))
	    HTTPCleanup(request, http->result);		/* Raffaele Sena:
was HT_LOADED */

With rawByteCount mode I understand that HTNet_bytesRead() 
will nether be equals to HTAnchor_length() 
for the second don't count HTTP messages redirections etc...

First in HTMIME_put_block I've changed all the 

		HTNet_addBytesRead(me->net, b-start);
calls with

		if ( !HTNet_rawBytesCount(me->net) ) {
		    HTNet_addBytesRead(me->net, b-start);

		/* philipm@alterm.org: CHANGED 
                           HTNet_setHeaderBytesRead(me->net, length - l);


	    **  If we have more than we need then just take what belongs to
	    /* philipm@alterm.org: CHANGED 
	    if (bodyRead + l >= cl) {*/
	    if (bodyRead >= cl) {
		/* philipm@alterm.org: CHANGED 
		int consume = cl - bodyRead;*/
		int consume = l;


		    /* philipm@alterm.org: */
		    if ( !HTNet_rawBytesCount(net) ) {
			/* mphilip: CHANGED 
			HTNet_addBytesRead(net, consume);*/
			HTNet_addBytesRead(net, l);
		    /* philipm@alterm.org: CHANGED 
                    HTHost_setConsumed(HTNet_host(net), consume);*/
                    HTHost_setConsumed(HTNet_host(net), l);

and again

		/* philipm@alterm.org: */
		if ( !HTNet_rawBytesCount(net) ) {
		    HTNet_addBytesRead(net, l);

second in HTTPEvent I've changed
       long read_len = HTNet_bytesRead(net) - HTNet_headerBytesRead(net); 

I did this because in debug mode in the w3chttp.out file the anchor was
imcompletly dumped.

With these modifications it's well dumped.

But remember I've initially called 


and I don't know time if it is still ok without this
and I have no time to check it.

If you try these changes, please try without rawBytesCount and tell me if
it's ok.

I also have some other changes for -1 returns but it's for HTTPS requests.

Hope this help.


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For what concerns -1 status return did you tried


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