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Faster compiling and static library

From: Russ Freeman <r@fatbird.com>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 23:05:33 +0100
To: <www-lib@w3.org>
Please be sure to correct me if this is NOT the correct place or format for
my proposals.

I've just picked up libwww and so far I'm impressed.

A quick hack around has some of my required functionality up and running but
I'd like to propose a couple of minor changes:

* A static Windows/MSVC library build
This would make using the library easier for my purposes because I don't
want a stack of DLLs. This isn't difficult to do and indeed I've done it but
I think it would be valuable as part of the main build. Is it there already
and I have missed it perhaps?

* Precompiled header support.
This makes compiling *much* faster on systems that support precompiled
headers (compile the whole thing in seconds rather than minutes). It
shouldn't be very difficult to do. It's possible to use wwwsys.h as the main
header because it's shared and included (first) by pretty much every file.
Those files that don't use this header (md5 stuff) could be excluded from
the build or corrected as required.

I have no problem with doing either of these changes but I don't have the
experience of dealing with OSS projects (e.g. what's CVS?) so some guideance
could be helpful.

Lastly, I need to write a DLL that uses the libwww stuff to make
multi-threaded requests  to potentially multiple servers. It will be in C++.
All I need is HTTP GET, HEAD and POST so my requirements are somewhat narrow
when compared to the facilities offered by libwww. Would anyone be
interested in using such a library once I'm done, or perhaps helping to test
it (errm, by using it I guess)? ...let me know.


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