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RE: HTLoadToChunk

From: Wang, Xinju <Xinju.Wang@ugs.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 16:32:06 -0600
Message-ID: <07E98776DFF1BE448D9C9BA60A79ADA49F9695@amwntx1.ugsolutions.com>
To: "'Mahesh Soundalgekar'" <smahesh@cse.iitb.ac.in>
Cc: www-lib@w3.org
If you try to access through a proxy in a command line application, you
should get prompted to input username and password. It shouldn't have
anything to do with the output format. There might be some setting problem.

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From: Mahesh Soundalgekar [mailto:smahesh@cse.iitb.ac.in]
Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2001 11:58 PM
To: Wang, Xinju
Subject: RE: HTLoadToChunk


I tried chunk.c.
By output stream I think you mean "HTRequest_setOutputFormat(request,
WWW_RAW);". However, I am using a proxy which requires authentication.
If I use above statement it does not ask for authentication and the
request fails. And if I donot use above statement then authentication is
asked for the data transfer is interrupted and status code is -902. 

Please help.

Mahesh Soundalgekar
Graduate Student
Dept. of Computer Science and Engg.
IIT Bombay

E-mail       : smahesh@cse.iitb.ac.in
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On Sat, 10 Nov 2001, Wang, Xinju wrote:

> read the example code in chunk.c. Did you set the output stream?
> Xinju
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> From: Mahesh Soundalgekar [mailto:smahesh@cse.iitb.ac.in]
> Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2001 5:10 AM
> To: www-lib@w3.org
> Subject: HTLoadToChunk
> Hello,
> I used to  HTLoadToChunk() to download pages. I get http response code
> 200, size of chunk is shown 0. The same url download works if I use
> HTLoadToFile().
> Any remedies??
> Mahesh.
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