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How do I get out of an event loop?

From: James D. Brown <jamesbrown@shopswell.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 13:12:36 -0400 (EDT)
To: "Oliver Steinau" <Oliver.Steinau@STencode.de>, <www-lib@w3.org>
Message-Id: <01082011115502.01982@franz.shopswell.com>
After some recent code changes in my own code to add support for redirection, 
I'm running into a similar access violation under MandrakeLinux 8.0.  After 
several hours of debugging, it appears that calling HTEventList_stopLoop() 
may be a bad thing to do in some cases, which the docs DO warn about.

What appears to be happening is that I call HTEvent_stopLoop() while some 
events are still pending (haven't had a chance to walk the event list yet), 
and then go on to HTRequest_delete() the request.  At some later point, it 
appears an Event still has hold of the original request pointer and tries to 
access it in the next event loop.  Since the old request was deleted, we get 
an access violation soon thereafter.

My apologies to Oliver for leading him astray on this issue, but I didn't 
start having problems until adding redirection support in my app.

In any case, just like Oliver's, my event loop will not return without 
HTEvent_stopLoop().  In an attempt to fix this problem, I modified my code to 
use the same HTRequest structure for all my requests.  This gets me further 
in my processing, but then I run into an endless loop with the following 

HTTP Clean.. Called with status 302, net (nil)
Net Object.. Delete (nil) and call AFTER filters
Host Event.. READ passed to (URL DELETED) Terminated

I tried using HTNet_isIdle() before the call to HTEventList_stopLoop(), but 
busy-waiting for an idle condition here means an endless loop (the event list 
doesn't get processed, apparently), and checking once means I'm never idle by 
the time I get there, so I get into an endless loop because I never call 

Clearly, we're running into a problem in that not all our filters are being 
called with the HTEventList()_stopLoop(), but it's not clear to me how to 
return from an event loop without the stopLoop call.

The examples I've looked at all call exit() in the terminate handler, which 
of course doesn't help us any.

Since I started running into this problem with redirections, I'll try pulling 
out the default redirect handler (I want to handle this myself, anyway), and 
see where I get with that.

Two questions I'd like to add to Oliver's:

1) Is it possible to return from an event loop without HTEvent_stopLoop()?  
If so, how?  If not, how do we deal with the pending events cleanly?

2) Is it reasonable to use the same HTRequest structure over and over?

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