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RE: POST and pipelining

From: Jens Meggers <jens.meggers@firepad.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 12:37:35 -0800
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To: "'Attila Uhljar'" <attila.uhljar@intervoice-brite.com>
Cc: "'www-lib@w3.org'" <www-lib@w3.org>

I have an unofficial solution for that. It works for me. It requires some
changes in HTHost.c. I attached it to this mail. PLease try it and also
check the code if it makes sense to you. You can switch pipelining on and
off with a define variable in the first line of the code. It is currently
switched off.


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From: Attila Uhljar [mailto:attila.uhljar@intervoice-brite.com]
Sent: Donnerstag, 22. März 2001 09:21
To: www-lib@w3.org
Subject: POST and pipelining


Can anybody tell me what is the simplest, most effective way to turn
pipelining off for POST requests? It seems to be causing problems. I
wouldn't mind turning pipelining off completely, since my client doesn't
download any 'inline' objects (e.g. images). Unfortunately I didn't find
any specific info how to turn pipelining off (there are different
#define-s in the code).


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