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Stuck in HTEventList_loop on WinNT with a bad URI

From: Eric Johnson <EricJ@data-tech.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 09:40:43 -0500
Message-ID: <93C6DB419FAAD411BC1200B0D078E3CDC4B9@MTMITCHELL>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Dear Developers,

I am attempting to implement W3c on WinNT using VC6.
I am running into an issue where the code eternally
loops in HTEventList_loop when I call it with an invalid

Does any one have further information on how the 
Event Manager ties in with the AsyncWindowProc which works in
conjunction with the Event List Loop.
I have a feeling I am missing a call back function, have
missed some piece of information on how to add "custom call backs"
to the default Event Manager, or most likely I just don't understand 
how the default Event Manager implements AsyncWindowProc in HTEvtLst.c.

I have stepped through the AsyncWindowProc and all the events
are timer events except once the event is a FD_CONNECT.  

I have a before and after call back using HTNet_addAfter and
The before call back does fire but does not have the status (of course) 
because it hasn't tried to connect yet.  And the after call back never 
gets called, even though I have it set to HT_ALL and have tried
I have set both the Event Timeout and Active time out 5 seconds.
But from what I can tell the AsyncWindowProc could care less about the time

I ran into the following comment in HTEvent.h:
"Note: The library core does not define any event manager
- it is considered part of the application. The library comes with a
default event manager which can be initiated
using the function HTEventInit() in HTInit

Does this mean I have to implement my own event manager to get this to
If this is the case I wanted to _verify_ this prior to however long it will
to take me to understand how it works let alone implement it.

-Eric Johnson
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