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Fwd: Re: POST and SSL hangs

From: Sven Laaks <slaaks@informatik.uni-essen.de>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 19:48:52 +0200
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To: Torsten_Pestotnik@esser-germany.com, www-lib@w3.org

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Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 09:50:38 +0200
From: Olaf Walkowiak <olaf@sevenval.de>
To: Sven Laaks <slaaks@informatik.uni-essen.de>
Subject: Re: POST and SSL hangs
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Sven Laaks wrote:

 > Hi everybody,
 > I am programming a webclient with libwww-5.3.2.
 > The client should get a formular-page (HTLoadAnchor), read out the 

 > formular-objects and post (HTPostFormAnchor) this objects to the
 > formular-action. So it works fine.
 > Now the problem:
 > If I use SSL the client hangs after HTPostFormAnchor.
 > My SSL-functions (befor the first HTLoadAnchor):
 > HTSSL_protMethod_set(HTSSL_V23)
 > HTSSL_verifyDepth_set(2)
 > HTSSLhttps_init(YES)

The last line sets SSL into preemptive mode. Use NO, and it will 
The combination of non preemptive requests for nonSSL and preemptive
mode for SSL requests causes Problems.

 > I am not so familier with SSL so I do not know if this is enough.

As far as I see, it should do.

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