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Re: HTAnchor_delete ?

From: Michel Philip <philipm@altern.org>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 22:20:19 +0200
Message-ID: <3AEC7783.E5380548@altern.org>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Hi Serge, Hi Jose, Hi all,

Fist, sorry Serge because I wrote your patch free HTParentAnchor
while it just remove it from the adult list.

I understand a little better anchors and links structure (but not yet the
HTAnchor_delete method.) 
However I see that the code of the path 
is protected by the test 

	if (!HTList_isEmpty(me->sources)) { 
		…    // strange to understand
		…   // impossible to understand
	Serge' patch

So I agree with Serge Adda patch...
But not with the HTAnchor_delete method.

The "impossible to understand" part of HTAnchor_delete, 
is lines 503-506:

	  while ((child=(HTChildAnchor *) HTList_removeLastObject(kids)))
		delete_links((HTAnchor *) child);

Even if one don't understand the method, It's obvious that existing code is

I believe It's just be bad designed.

If you need it, try to rewrite it from scratch.
Or rather use HTAnchor_deleteAll(NULL_OR_DOC)


> Re: HTAnchor_delete ?
> From: Michel Philip (philipm@altern.org)
> Date: Sun, Apr 22 2001

> Hi Jose, Hi Serge
> I understand your job doesn't let you been a lot on the libwww core.
> If cleaning adult_table is a good idea and could be useful in some case
> the way it had been patched is not good.
> So, I recommend all libwww user not to use the last patched version of
> HTAnchor.c
> Nor to put it in any released version.
> I gonna send as soon as possible a new version of this patch.
> Michel.
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