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latest changes in libwww vis-a-vis POST

From: Dillenberger, William D. <Dillenberger@wcom.net>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 16:19:19 -0400
Message-ID: <910F402DBBD5D311AC5B00508B6F1A1E05BF1267@wcomexch2.wcom.net>
To: www-lib@w3.org
I have downloaded the latest 
HTAccess.c  HTHome.c    HTMIMPrs.c  HTReqMan.c
HTEvtLst.c  HTHost.c    HTReader.c  HTTimer.c files.

HTHost.c causes compile errors.
Replacing HTHost.c with an older version and recompiling libwww
i still find that that PostAnchor() will hang forever after sending headers.

In order to run a client that posts i made the following changes to a 
snapshot downloaded about a month ago.

HTTP.c this is a cheap fix to the state/timer problem.
		There must be a better way.
		Line 1247 following else if (status == HT_CONTINUE) {
					http->lock = NO;
					type = HTEvent_FLUSH;
					http->state = HTTP_CONNECTED;

HTHost.c if (HTHOST_notification (close) if (1) {} ; line 1090 

HTEvtLst.c  line 722
		If (maxfds <= 1) goto stop_loop;

These changes allow me to do 1 ssl http post in which the

There are problems with doing this. I can't repeat calls to the posting
function. the second
post sends the headers and dumps core.
Bill Dillenberger
Software Engineer
UUNET, a WorldCom Company
Received on Wednesday, 2 August 2000 16:20:06 UTC

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