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problems using HTLoadToChunk()

From: Steinar Bang <sb@metis.no>
Date: 17 Aug 1999 16:14:23 +0200
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <whiu6epk8w.fsf@viffer.oslo.metis.no>
Platform: SuSE linux 5.3, egcs 1.1.2-pre2, qt-2.x (CVS checkout),
          libwww from CVS, gdb 4.17

I have problems using HTLoadToChunk() in a small test program using
libwww from a Qt GUI

When the request is sent to the filter function registered with
HTNet_addAfter(), the data member of the HTChunk is 0x0.  I've also
found that breakpoints in the HTSC_putBlock() function don't seem to
be reached (though that may be a problem of the debugger).

An earlier version of this program was able to use HTLoadToFile() last 
Friday, so that I know that some things work.  If I turn on the libwww 
trace in the main() program of my example, the request seems to go
OK.  The same seems to be indicated by the web server log.

The current version is patterned on the mget.c example 

All hints and tips appreciated!


- Steinar
Received on Tuesday, 17 August 1999 10:14:26 UTC

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