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Re: File not found: /usr//include/xmlparse.h (RPM build problem)

From: Steinar Bang <sb@metis.no>
Date: 06 Aug 1999 13:24:14 +0200
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <whiu6tqhi9.fsf@viffer.oslo.metis.no>
>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@metis.no>:

> But now I have a problem in that the wwwconf.h file doesn't seem to be 
> in the installation:

> cd ~/src/test/cplusplus/qtlibwww/
> make 
> g++ -c -I/home/sb/apps/qt-egcs/include -I/usr/include -I/usr/include/w3c-libwww -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -g qtlibwww.cpp
> In file included from /usr/include/w3c-libwww/WWWLib.h:50,
>                  from qtlibwww.cpp:11:
> /usr/include/w3c-libwww/wwwsys.h:132: wwwconf.h: No such file or directory
> make: *** [qtlibwww.o] Error 1

The wwwconf.h file is now installed directly into the /usr/include
directory, instead of in the w3c-libwww subdirectory.

So I had to put 
in the SPEC file to include it into the RPM.

However I'm still getting the warning:
        /home/sb/apps/i686-pc-linux-gnulibc1/bin/ld: warning: libstdc++.so.2.9, needed by /home/sb/apps/qt-egcs/lib/libqt.so, may conflict with libstdc++.so.27

Maybe I have some leftover .so files from the previous installation?
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