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Re: SSL sample code

From: Marco Ariano <marco.ariano@pipercreek.com>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 17:54:59 -0600
Message-ID: <37AA2453.F4A0CD82@pipercreek.com>
To: yajun_liu@peoplesoft.com
CC: sharp@munu.com, www-lib@w3.org

yajun_liu@peoplesoft.com wrote:
> I'm new to libwww and SSL. I thought HTSSLhttps itself does not deal with
> proxy directly. It is upto libwww to pass information to and from SSL
> toolkits. Do you think it could be the proxy is not configured to pass SSL
> information through?

I'm relatively new to libwww as well so take anything I say with a grain
of salt.  As far as using a proxy, all I tried was adding the line

   HTProxy_add( "https", sProxy );  // Where sProxy is a string
containing my proxy URL

I don't know if that's what I'm 'supposed' to do but it seemed to make
sense to me.  I never made a successful GET request of an https URL this
way even though IE and Navigator had no problem fetching the same URL
through the same proxy.  (I also had http requests going through the
proxy and they worked fine.)

> I have a different question. To use RSA in HTSSLhttps, do I have to link in
> library from RSA or just use Eric's implementation?

I just used the OpenSSL stuff.  (I think this is "Eric's
implementation".)  I never tried linking with any of the RSA libraries.

Hope that makes sense.

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