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Robot Crash

From: David Thiede <David.Thiede@pnl.gov>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 10:47:33 -0700 (PDT)
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-id: <199907301747.KAA0000006535@nomad.pnl.gov>

I have also  been experiencing crashes but the trace shows that it is running 
out of memory unlike Guy's problem. I have a large amount of physical memory 
512M and have bumped the stack limit to 32M. The program runs longer but still 
keeps growing until the out of memory. I am trying to use the program to test 
firewall filter loading by running as many fetches as possible for a few 

The problem that I see in the stack trace is a huge number of HTMIME_free 
calls all in sequence. This sounds like a recursive call that gets out of 

For these test I am running a simple command such as :

  webbot -depth 4 -prefix [uri] [uri]
which points at my local server which has lots of pages.

Does the robot/www-lib cache each page and never free it? I have tried the 
runs with an explicit -cache command but no difference.


Dave Thiede

--------------------- Last part of traceback -----------------

(dbx) where
>  0 __kill(0x3ff800df99c, 0x3ffc0085c98, 0xff, 0x100000000, 0x3ff80175278) 
   1 (unknown)() [0x3ff8019ca70]
   2 __tis_raise(0x3ff80175278, 0x3ffffff0498, 0x3ff8011451c, 0x3ff00000006, 
0x3ff8015eaac) [0x3ff80114518]
   3 raise(0x3ff8011451c, 0x3ff00000006, 0x3ff8015eaac, 0x147ffde80, 
0x3ff801752a4) [0x3ff8015eaa8]
   4 abort(0x3ffbfff5048, 0x147ffe7f8, 0x0, 0x0, 0xfffffc0000000000) 
   5 HTMemory_outofmem(name = (nil), file = (nil), line = 0) 
["HTMemory.c":166, 0x3ffbfff5044]
   6 HTSACopy(dest = 0x147ffe7f8, src = 0x14003a5e0 = "3116f-112-368ba392") 
["HTString.c":94, 0x3ffbfff55f0]
   7 HTCache_new(request = 0x8, response = 0x1401150c0, anchor = 0x1400e1500) 
["HTCache.c":1135, 0x3ffbff958e4]
   8 HTCacheStream(request = 0x1400ad000, append = '^@') ["HTCache.c":2073, 
   9 HTCacheWriter(request = 0x4748, param = 0x6, input_format = 0x100000, 
output_format = (nil), output_stream = (nil)) ["HTCache.c":2122, 
  10 HTStreamStack(rep_in = 0x140009260, rep_out = 0x140009380, output_stream 
= 0x147ffe780, request = 0x1400ad000, guess = '^@') ["HTFormat.c":588, 
  11 pumpData(me = 0x147ffe600) ["HTMIME.c":199, 0x3ffbff44a50]
  12 HTMIME_free(me = 0x147ffe600) ["HTMIME.c":474, 0x3ffbff456b0]
More (n if no)? 
  13 HTMIME_free(me = 0x147ffe660) ["HTMIME.c":476, 0x3ffbff456c4]
  14 HTMIME_free(me = 0x147ffe4e0) ["HTMIME.c":476, 0x3ffbff456c4]
  15 HTMIME_free(me = 0x147ffe540) ["HTMIME.c":476, 0x3ffbff456c4]
  16 HTMIME_free(me = 0x147ffe3c0) ["HTMIME.c":476, 0x3ffbff456c4]
  17 HTMIME_free(me = 0x147ffe420) ["HTMIME.c":476, 0x3ffbff456c4]
  18 HTMIME_free(me = 0x147ffe2a0) ["HTMIME.c":476, 0x3ffbff456c4]
 ..... for hundreds of lines!!!
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