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Re: www and libwww

From: Rick Kwan <kenobi@coruscant.lightsaber.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 10:19:28 -0700
Message-Id: <199907231719.KAA10557@coruscant.lightsaber.com>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Yes, Line Mode Browser does compile again on Linux, and I presume in
other UNIX GNU-based environments.  The CVS tree does reflect this.
But the nice text formatting of version 5.1b and earlier is lost.
Code needs to be adapted to new style interface.

If it does not compile from the top of the libwww tree, go into
the LineMode/src directory and try "make www".

I don't recall the state of the WIN32 "world" build.  I don't think
it is enabled.  I've been beating up on the to get console I/O mode
to respond reasonably, but with no luck.  (My need for this has 
gone away, but it would be nice for someone who understands all the
(Get|Translate|Dispatch)Message stuff to have a look.)

I posted some changes for WIN32 window I/O mode to get it to compile
and run.  But I believe those changes are not in the CVS tree.
I think the .mak or .dsw file(s) need to change for those to work.

--Rick Kwan

> From www-lib-request@w3.org  Fri Jul 23 08:24:49 1999
> Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 10:47:32 -0400
> To: www-lib@w3.org
> From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <frystyk@w3.org>
> Subject: www and libwww
> I forget - thanks to Rick Kwan, the line mode browser now works again, right?
> Henrik
> >X-Sender: jstipins@mailhost.atg.com
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> >Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 16:16:14 -0700
> >To: frystyk@w3.org
> >From: Janis Stipins III <jstipins@atg.com>
> >Subject: www and libwww
> >
> >Mr. Nielsen,
> >
> >Some users here at Art Technology Group have noticed that the old version
> >of the www Line mode Browser that we're running (version 5.1) incorrectly
> >converts html to text.  In particular, close-comment tags (-->) and 
> >JavaScript are not removed from the text.  
> >
> >I just checked out and built libwww version 5.2.9, and evidently www will
> >not compile in this version... there is a warning message displayed:
> >
> >**************************************************
> >The line mode browser is not currently compiled as
> >the changes to the HText interface hasn't been
> >integrated into the line mode browser code.
> >Your help is greatly appreciated!
> >**************************************************
> >
> >My question is: what is the most recent version of the libwww code
> >with which www still compiles?  Also, is the bug in www that I 
> >described above fixed in the last working version?
> >
> >Thank you very much.
> >
> >-Janis Stipins
> >jstipins@atg.com
> >
> --
> Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
> World Wide Web Consortium
> http://www.w3.org/People/Frystyk
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