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From: Mikhail Grouchinski <mgrouch@usa.net>
Date: 12 Feb 99 11:57:43 EST
Message-ID: <19990212165743.4538.qmail@www0i.netaddress.usa.net>
To: www-lib@w3.org
If I set HTTP_FORCE_10 requests After filter is not
called. Request hangs after message:

Building.... Transfer-Decoding stack

What can be the reason?
Thank you

Channel..... Semaphore decreased to 0 for channel 40018168
Host info... removed host 40018740 as persistent
Net Object.. Persistent connection set OFF succeeded
HTAnchor.... Clear all header information
StreamStack. Constructing stream stack for message/rfc822 to */*
Error....... Add   2    Severity: 8     Parameter: `OK' Where: `HTTPNextState'
MIME header. Server: Server: Netscape-Enterprise/3.0
MIME header. Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:22:23 GMT
MIME header. Content-type: text/html
MIME header. Last-modified: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 19:32:00 GMT
MIME header. Content-length: 4292
MIME header. Accept-ranges: bytes
MIME header. Connection: keep-alive
Host info... New mode is 0 for host 40018740
Host info... no room for persistent socket -1
Net Object.. Persistent connection set ON failed
MIMEParser.. HTTP/1.0 Keep Alive
HTAnchor.... Updating metainformation for 400170e0
Building.... C-T stack from text/html to */*
StreamStack. Constructing stream stack for text/html to */*
StreamStack. Source output
Building.... Content-Decoding stack
Building.... Transfer-Decoding stack

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