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Re: CVS on Win98

From: Steinar Bang <sb@metis.no>
Date: 09 Jun 1999 09:32:49 +0200
To: www-lib@w3.org
Message-ID: <whaeu96d7i.fsf@viffer.oslo.metis.no>
>>>>> "Vladimir Kozlov" <Vladimir.Kozlov@idm.ru>:

> Sorry for this stupid question but are there some difficulties with
> CVS on Win98? I've just move to new computer with Win98 and all that
> I got is:

> D:\Projects\libwww\cvs>cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@dev.w3.org:/sources/public
> login (Logging in to anonymous@dev.w3.org) CVS.EXE [login aborted]: could not
> find out home directory: No such file or directory

> On NT everything is OK...

Hm... NT has a concept of home directory.  Win95/98 doesn't.

The first thing I would try to find out, is where CVS looks for the
.cvspass file when it doesn't have a home directory.

If I couldn't find any information about this, I would try setting the 
HOME environment variable to point to the NT home directory in the
autoexec.bat file.  If that didn't work, I would try putting the
.cvspass file in C:\.

If that didn't work either, I would be fresh out of ideas...:-)
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