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Pending requests

From: Mikhail Grouchinski <mgrouch@usa.net>
Date: 7 Apr 99 10:58:54 EDT
Message-ID: <19990407145854.17990.qmail@nw128.netaddress.usa.net>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Thanks Henrik,

This is gonna help. I changed HTHost_new that it always creates a new
host if some flag is set and 

  HTNet_availablePersistentSockets() > 0.

Now libwww opens several connections to a host. There are some other
issues. This is how I see them. 

If libwww has no sockets available it will pend requests on some 
of the hosts. Since we have now many host objects the request should be
resumed as a new socket becomes idle or closed (i.e. available for opening).
This event occurs on a host object which doesn't know anything about 
pending requests on other hosts. As I undersdand, resuming of a pending 
request should lead to creation of a new host object (if some socket was
or lead to reusing of existing another host (if some request was completed,
connection was not closed).

How can I handle pending requests in case of multiple hosts objects?
I don't know libwww so deep to dig it out.
Could you help?

Thank you in advance,
Mikhail Grouchinski

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