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I need some direction

From: jwd <jwd@choice.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 18:59:37 -0500
Message-ID: <3676F7E9.BEBAFD59@choice.net>
To: www-lib <www-lib@w3.org>
The telco that serves my community has recently implemented ADSL. All of
the logon/status/logoff are a series of "GET" based forms. Based upon
character strings found in the response pages (and the Response code)
one can determine if the logon/status/status was successful.  In
addition I need to periodically send a web GET to any page to keep the
connection active.  

The other thing I have to do is figure out what port to send all these
GET requests to by doing a HEAD / to server abc.my-adsl.net - port 80
(fictional name, of course).  The port returned in the location header
is where all further GETs will be sent.  I do not need to display the
response pages only look for certain strings coming back.

I want to be able to start this up once as part of system initialization
and have it do the initial HEAD and then login to the ADSL, then log
into the ISP (again with GETs). Once in, I need to put this in daemon
mode and periodically check for access to a common web site to keep the
connection up. All the while I want to be able to send a signal (HUP or
some other to check status and TERM to log off and shutdown. Of course,
I want this program to have as minimal a footprint on the running

Now my question? Is libwww overkill? if not can some one point me in the
right direction. If it is overkill, how would you do it?

thanks in advance,
jim drash
Received on Tuesday, 15 December 1998 19:00:10 UTC

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