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Terminal-Based really simple WebBrowser

From: Frank Knobloch <frank@inis.de>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 98 19:04:08 +0100
Message-Id: <199810281804.TAA00466@inis-13.inis.de>
To: www-lib@w3.org
We subscribed this list cause we are searching for a solution for a problem
which we will solve via html/http.

We are searching for a really simple character-based Terminalbrowser with
some specific features. If someone will build up such a browser for us and
the cost and timeframe is acceptable it is also a solution.

Ok, let's try me to explain.

We have some Funktterminals (Don't know the correct english...), working like
normal vt100-Terminals. These Terminal-Processes runs under Windows NT.

So, we need a special WebBrowser for these Terminals and they must be really simple.
A solution like lynx is not good, cause the user is not allowed to have a command-line
or an interactive mode. The browser has to start with an URL and has to end with an URL.
There should be no possibility to change except following the Hyperlinks.
Another feature would be great. It would be a gig if it is possible to select Hypelinks not
only by numbers like "www". For expample there should be a Hyperlink which can be reached with
[RETURN], one with [F1] an so on. Maybe this will be a little extension in HTML, but we can do it
on the ServerSide with WebObjects-Components.

Are there any hints or anyone who has interest to work for that?

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