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Lots of important fixes committed to libwww - please try them out!

From: Henrik Frystyk Nielsen <frystyk@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 09:35:12 -0400
Message-Id: <>
To: www-lib@w3.org

As usual the changes are described at


You can update your local CVS working copy by following the instructions at


and if you haven't got CVS then you can get them later on today at


Please try the code out and see how it works!


* In Library/src/{HTAnchor.c,HTResponse.c}

The content encodings were not moved from the HTResponse object to the
HTAnchor object after having received a response. This caused the
information to be lost when the response object went away and only the
anchor object remained

* In Library/src/{HTBInit.c,HTBind.c,HTFWrite.c}

Changed the default file name to be used in the "save as" stream in
HTFWrite.c to either use the latter part of the URI or to compose a name
based on the information that we have about the resource like the media
type, the encoding, etc.

* In Library/src/HTEvtLst.c

Commented out adding error messages to the request object in the default
event loop as it may have gone away at the time

* In Library/src/{HTHost.c,HTHost.html,HTNet.c,HTNet.html}

Substantial fixes to the pipeline management including adding a method in
the Host object, HTHost_killPipe(..), for killing an entire pipeline
associated with a host. Also has done a lot of testing with real world and
often very buggy HTTP/1.1 servers

* In Library/src/HTReq.html

Updated description of how to get from the HTRequest object to the HTNet
object and to the HTHost object

* In Library/src/HTTCP.c

Fixed typo

* In Library/src/HTTP.c

Adding support for killing a pipeline and also the patch provided by Mike
Bennett on the memory leak in the stream stack builder

* In configure.in Library/src/wwwsys.html

Added check for sys/syslog.h. Note that automake will automatically detect
that the configure script has changed and so will run it again.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
World Wide Web Consortium
Received on Tuesday, 20 October 1998 09:35:13 UTC

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