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Re: Bomb in linemode browser if rule file is given in interactive mode.

From: Joseph Janos <JJANOS@us.oracle.com>
Date: 23 Jan 98 06:41:04 -0800
Message-Id: <199801231452.GAA23409@mailsun2.us.oracle.com>
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Here is a relatively painless solution:

HTBrowse.c, line 235:
PUBLIC LineMode * Context_getLineMode(HTRequest * request)
    return ((Context *) HTRequest_context(request))->lm;


PUBLIC LineMode * Context_getLineMode(HTRequest * request)
	Context *pContext = (Context *) HTRequest_context(request);
	return pContext ? pContext -> lm : NULL;

I.e. do NOT assume (as in this case it is not true) that the context is set.

www.c line 619:
    ret = Lib_ModalDialogBoxParam(HInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(resource),
				  (DLGPROC)AlertDialogProc, (LPARAM)pParms);

    ret = Lib_ModalDialogBoxParam(HInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(resource),
pView ? pView->hWnd : GetActiveWindow(), 
				  (DLGPROC)AlertDialogProc, (LPARAM)pParms);

I.e. do NOT asssume thet pView (the lm, returned above) is set. If it is
not, get the currently
active window's handle. The dialog box handler uses this window as the
parent of the
modal dialog. {This *probably* would work in general...]

Hope this helps,
Joseph Janos

attached mail follows:

At 10:09 1/20/98 -0800, Joseph Janos wrote:
>Platform: NT/4.0 Server, patch level 3, VC++/5.0
>WWW Library: 5.1e

Hmm, good point - unfortunately I have very little time to try and fix it
right now - have you found a solution?


Henrik Frystyk Nielsen,
World Wide Web Consortium
Received on Friday, 23 January 1998 09:43:35 UTC

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