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I've improved news support - is anyone interested?

From: Maciej Puzio <puzio@zodiac1.mimuw.edu.pl>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 15:11:18 +-100
Message-Id: <01BB1BEF.A9C1BA80@pc4180a.mimuw.edu.pl>
To: "'WWW Library Mailing List'" <www-lib@w3.org>

Recently I noted that the library doesn't have a good News support. Especially 
presenting message and newsgroup lists to the user isn't handled very well. 
So... I have added some of the lacking features to my copy of the library. 
These include:

- presenting message reference threads as nested lists
- hierarchical presentation of newsgroups within "* sets" (e.g. soc.* includes
soc.culture.*, which in turn includes soc.culture.hongkong)
- simple memory newsgroup list cache, capable of handling one host at a time
- improved HTParseTime function, to deal with variety of date formats used in message lists
- corrected many errors and bugs in HTNDir.c and HTNewsLs.c

Is anyone interested in this?


Maciej Puzio
Received on Wednesday, 27 March 1996 09:02:07 UTC

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