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Help with async request problem in libwww

From: Douglas Rand <Douglas.Rand@elric.boston.sgi.com>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 10:15:22 -0400
Message-Id: <9507211015.ZM15753@elric.boston.sgi.com>
To: www-lib@w3.org
Well,  really I have two questions:

1)  Is HTSaveAndCallback supposed to work?  I seem to be missing some
point in how to use it,  and a code example would be very, very handy.
It looks like you need more information before calling it than is really

2)  Are there any patches for libwww 3.0?  I have a code dumper when
the HTTP daemon returns a redirect to the client.  This could be
my own error,  but Purify doesn't indicate anything in my code touching
the broken structure.

Here is some output,  the CVmalloc messages is from a debugging version
of malloc,  the compaints
 Loading http://www-admin.corp.sgi.com/back3.map?154,152
CVmalloc error (Process 15735): memory area @0x105ce488 has already been freed
set 4 to http://www-admin.corp.sgi.com/online_docs/index.html
CVmalloc error (Process 15735): memory area @0x103ab950 has already been freed
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

This is one piece of code being complained about in HTFWriter_free:
   565      if (me->callback) {
   566          (*me->callback)(me->request, me->filename);
   567      }
   568      if (me->filename) free(me->filename);
 * 569      free(me);

Here is a complete library stacktrace:
   2 free() ["/vobs/4Speed/usr/src/VIEW/4Speed/cvmalloc/cvmalloc.c":657,
   3 HTFWriter_free()
   4 HTMIME_free(me = 0x105d6438)
   5 HTTPStatus_free(me = 0x105d6358)
   6 HTLoadHTTP(request = 0x105cf4e8)
   7 HTLoad(request = 0x105cf4e8, keep_error_stack = '\001')
0x5ff879b0]   8 HTLoadDocument(request = 0x105cf4e8, keep_error_stack = '\001')
   9 HTLoadAnchorRecursive(anchor = 0x105d32a8, request = 0x105cf4e8)
   10 HTLoadHTTP(request = 0x105cf4e8)
   11 HTLoad(request = 0x105cf4e8, keep_error_stack = '')
   12 HTLoadDocument(request = 0x105cf4e8, keep_error_stack = '')
   13 HTLoadAbsolute(addr = 0x105cfb88 =
"http://www-admin.corp.sgi.com/back3.map\?115,143", request = 0x105cf4e8)

Thanks in advance for any help.


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