PassDirectory bug?

John D. Mitchell writes:
 > I'm using the PassDirectory for a resource to get to a file system
 > directory that is not under the Jigsaw root.  Mostly it works okay but it
 > will just up and forget about the contents of a sub-directory and so a
 > directory that has a bunch of files in it will just show up with a black
 > page and the parent link.
 > Note the directory does not have an index.html file.
 > If I type in a valid file name directly, I just get the dreaded "Invalid
 > URL..." message.

I guess your directory is physically not under a directory named WWW,
which means there is no template for your sub-directories, which in
turn means that the content may be indexed funnliy.

Two "work-arounds":

- Create a directory template matching the name of the external
  directory, and make it look like the WWW directory template
- Wait for next release, which will allow you to attach a specific
  indexer to a directory resource (this should be really fancy, and
  among other things will allow you to emulate cgi-bin directories)