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Re: mail bot - Understanding J2EE

From: Zahid Rahman <zahidr@btconnect.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 03:02:08 -0000
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Ah yes !!
These must the groupies who have been impersonating my
account from two years ago.
That way they are given the work and make sure no real Muslims
are ever found on the sun lines.
Some people who hire them then say to me that I am actually very good
at my job and I should do the training for J2EE and the other architecure
I am curious about is Jini , which is considered to be a competing paradigm.

I went to get the instructions to J2EE and one of them wrote
we have no interest in that person who follows instructions  in RI.
He was the same one from who wrote you can't do images in JSPs.
Comparatively IBM made every effort to send their Complete suite to the
place of my work. Furthermore Mr. Glen Mclusky of IBM attended on me
personally as a result of their behaviour.

The list administrator  of Apache, fumagelli (Italian ) wrote
why don't you go back to the s.h.i.t h.o.l.e you come from
and took me off their list.
You will note that  www.kodemuse.com is a site setup
with no real company to find out who the person is.
I wouldn't be surprised if this is fumagelli.
Fumagelli is the same one who took me off the servlet-interest list
because I wrote that person should apologise.

Would you believe the Apache developers actually copied ideas
from reading my postings and implemented it in the webserver.

If you seek out a product called openejb they have also
copied my idea by  writing a new book called "Understanding J2EE".

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From: "Harmeet Bedi" <harmeet@kodemuse.com>
To: <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 12:33 AM
Subject: mail bot

> FYI:
> There is a chance that there is an email bot on this list. The same bot (z
> r) has been active on a number of technical lists and has been banned from
> Apache lists.
> If it is a real person I apologize.
> Hope this message helps some folks who may be confused.
> Harmeet
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