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From: Dan Wygant <jigsawweb@usa.net>
Date: 12 Jun 2001 08:58:11 CDT
Message-ID: <20010612135811.15306.qmail@nw171.netaddress.usa.net>
To: WWW-JigSaw <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Hi JigSaw group,
  I'm new to this list and wondered if there was not another more active list
to participate in related to JigSaw.
I'm in need of help to determine how to quickly learn more about Java servlets
that will process SOAP messages in the JigSaw environment on Windows 2000.
There are so many classes in the JigSaw server and so much documentation I'm
not sure where to start, but I'll bet some of you are already in the process
of laying the same groundwork.

Please post how to go about pinpointing information on Java & SOAP/XML as
quickly as possible.

NOTE: Post to the list-server WWW-JigSaw <www-jigsaw@w3.org> to allow the rest
of the JigSaw group to participate.

Thanks in advance...!
Dan Wygant, Sr. S/W Consultant, AppliedOLAP.com
HUNTUG.org Founder, PR Chairman

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