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Re: Jigsaw as a Win2k service

From: Yves Lafon <ylafon@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 15:08:30 +0100 (MET)
To: Walter do Valle <walter@softplan.com.br>
cc: <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.30.0011231505250.23161-100000@tarantula.inria.fr>
On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Walter do Valle wrote:

> Dear friends
> I am using Jigsaw as my webserver in a Windows 2000 server and I need it
> starts as a service. I used a freeware called AppToService
> (www.besta.com) to Start Jigsaw. I used this command:
> apptoservice /install "E:\jdk1.3\bin\java.exe" /arguments:"-classpath
> %CLASSPATH% org.w3c.jigsaw.Main -root e:\JigSaw2\Jigsaw\Jigsaw" /show:1
> /startup:A /name:"Jigsaw"
> It works. When my Win2k starts, the Jigsaw goes up. My problem is when I
> login as Administrator. When I logoff Jigsaw stops. What can i doing
> wrong?

Nothing, if you do that using jdk1.2.2 it should work, if you use hotspot,
then it will fail.
See http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/bugParade/bugs/4323062.html
Apparently it should be fixed if you use the latest javaserv
I also have to upgrade this on my test NT box ;)

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