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Re: Multiple Jigsaw instances

From: Yves Lafon <ylafon@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 14:31:37 +0200 (MET DST)
To: Niklas Wiberg <e95_nwi@it.kth.se>
cc: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.21.0004031423130.15298-100000@tarantula.inria.fr>
On Mon, 3 Apr 2000, Niklas Wiberg wrote:

> Hi
> I would like to run multiple instances of Jigsaw on one machine. Jigsaw
> is configured to run as a proxy.
> The reason is that I would like to utilize both processors in a dual CPU
> maching running Linux 2.2.x. I can't do that with one instance of Jigsaw
> since I use (and should use due to different circumstances) a runtime
> that uses a many-to-one threading model.
> Therefore Jigsaw consists of one process only, which of course only can
> utilize one CPU at a time.

Blackdown jdk1.2.2 rc4 use native threads, and should be able to handle
that, however, it is not as stable as the green thread version :(

> What are the implications of running (for example) two instances of
> Jigsaw?
The main problem is that if they are sharing the same resource space, they
will overwrite each other's stores, and it will be really painful for the
cache, as the db may become corrupted, and disk space may be lost forever
and cached files may be reaffected, you can then serve wrong cached
documents :(
So you should use two different root.
If you use two version configured in a different way, it solves your
problem, and there are no problems doing that.

> I was thinking that maybe I could just use different (http and admin)
> server tcp ports and different "-root" directories.

-root is easy, the ports have to be changed in the configuration file. Add
org.w3c.jigsaw.port=8010 in your second Jigsaw, in the admin-server.props
and you're all set.
We should do an offline editor to create new servers within one process,
change the configuration offline and such...

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