Le 11:42 10/09/99 +0200, Christophe Vigny a écrit:

know A new bug : when a push the http-server button of the new jigadmin I've
got the joined file Exception on the server side.

then a msgbox : Unable to contact ... after 3 time.
I say ok and the it work ...

I've the same behavior (NT4SP4 P200/64mb JDK 122)

When should we get a buitin jsp implementation ( I know that jigsaw support
.jhtml) but jsp support is essential to make jigsaw the best java http
server becaus it's the best way to build web application, much faster than

Because JSP 1.0 is very new and 1.1 is on the work ??
As these implementations are free, I'm not sure Jigsaw people have to focus on them, they have to focus of Jigsaw compatibility with Java Server Side technologies, not with implementations...
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