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Help Needed for Jigadmin

From: Tiana Zhang <tiana@math.edu>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:18:49 -0800
To: <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Hi, can anyone help me on the following issue:

I downloaded Jigsaw release 2.1.0 and tries to run the Jigadmin. I did the
following steps:
1. in the C:\jigsaw\INSTDIR\Jigsaw\scripts directory, I run the jigsaw.bat
first, the output are the following:

Jigsaw[2.1.0]: serving at http://tiana:8001/
*** Warning : JigAdmin[2.1.0]: no logger specified, not logging.
JigAdmin[2.1.0]: serving at http://tiana:8009/

2. I try to run the Jigadmin.bat, after enter the passward, the window
popped up, after I clicked the 2nd icon which labeled as http-server, one
error msg popped up: unable to contact target server tiana:8009 after 3

After I close that error msg box, there is sth showed: e.g, the Doc space
tab, Indexers tab, Properties tab and Realms tab.

Could anyone tell me what's going on with the jigadmin? Thanks a lot.

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