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Redirect or Relocate (cont)

From: Phil Blake <phil@ns2.tcp.net.au>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 22:48:26 -0500 (EST)
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Hi everyone,

I'm very sorry to bring this one up again, I've learnt a little more about
Jigsaw so perhaps I can ask the right question this time.

Here's the pici again. :)

|  |--MyIndexer
|     |--extensions
|        |--html     <-------------- A redirect/relocate frame
|--space                             on this indexer targets...
   |  |--MyServlet   <-------------- ...this servlet ie. servlets/MyServlet
   |  |--virtual.host.com:8001
   |     |--pages       <----------- this directory uses MyIndexer
   |        |--test.html
   |        |--anotherTest.html
   |        |--otherStuff.html

The RedirecterFrame has two options:

------------------------- From RedirecterFrame.java  1.4
if (host == null)
	request.setURL(new URL(server.getURL(), getTarget()));
	request.setURL(new URL(server.getURL().getProtocol(), host,
Assuming that the host will most probably not be null, the lookup is
performed based on the virtual host and in this case it will not be
found... as is the case.

For fun, I tried the above code with both options set to ignore the host. I
still get the same error, but of course the host displayed in the error is
no longer the virtual host. It's the root host, the one with the servlets
directory and therefore should have worked... but didn't.

The comment in RelocateFrame claims to only relocate GET requests. I assume
this is correct as the only reply I get from the RelocateFrame is "Method
POST not allowed on this resource."

>From RelocateFrame.java
     * Emit a redirect.
     * All GET requests are redirected toward the target location.
     * @param client The client issuing the request.
     * @param request The request to handle.
     * @exception ProtocolException If the request couldn't be handled.

I still have a lot of API work to do to get up to speed so any help in the
meantime would be greatly appreciated. I've been on this for three weeks
now and I'm very very keen to make just a little progress.

Thanks again,

Phil Blake
Translation Creation Production
32 Harrow Road
Stanmore NSW 2048
tel +612 9519 4235
fax +612 9519 9445
toll free 1800 242 954
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