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Re: Redirect & Relocate (cont.)

From: Phil Blake <phil@ns2.tcp.net.au>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 22:17:28 -0500 (EST)
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To: Jigsaw Mailing List <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
>>> 2. Relocate
>>> There is a Relocate on "MyIndexer->extensions->html" with it's location set
>>> to "/servlets/MyServlet" and as before,
>>> The "pages" directory has its indexer set to "MyIndexer"
>>> Any request in the "pages" directory returns:
>>> Method POST not allowed on this resource.
>>humm This one is WEIRD, there is no point for the Container to ask for a
>>PUT! You should try to do the redirect with the FULL uri, like
>>Relocate -> location : http://www.foosite.com:8001/servlets/MyServlet
>>Btw, you should upgrade your Relocate frame, I fixed a port problem this
>I am posting to these pages. Do I need to add a PostableFrame to something
>or does the relocate deal with forwarding the post correctly.
>I've tried the relocate with a full URL and I get the same results: Method
>POST not allowed on this resource.
>Would it be easier to create several references to the servlet (one for
>each virtual host) and override the servlet creation method to ensure there
>is only 1 instance? I'll give this a go and let you know.

Unfortunately I get a "Servlet not configured properly" when I add a
singleton pattern to the class but it's not going to work anyhow (I don't
think) as jigsaw will want to init() each servlet it knows about.

bummer... well I guess redirect/relocate is the answer... but how?

This servlet maintains several connections to databases. I want all virtual
hosts to have access to the same set of connections. Is there anyone else
dealing with database connections in a similar situation?

It's time to stat digging further into the API. :)

Thanks again,

Phil Blake
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