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Saving, shutting down, going home...

From: Phil <phil@tcp.net.au>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 23:14:05 -0500 (EST)
To: Jigsaw mailing list <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
Message-ID: <1293746960-23905776@tcp.net.au>
I've been fighting with Jigsaw this weekend to try and get a servlet up and running but my main problemn has been saving changes.

PPC G3 750, 
MacOS 8.5.1, 
MRJ 2.1 (ea3) (Java 1.1.6)
OpenTransport 2.0.2

When I click on the Save button from either control leaf, sometimes I get the message 'Save Done' after a short pause, sometimes I don't. Either way, changes that should have been in place (ie. RedirecterFrame now targetting a new location) haven't always changed.

Shutting Down:
I've noticed the same thing with shutdown. Sometimes I can click 'Stop' and I'll get the confirmation that the server is closing down, sometimes not. When the server is running on port 80, it isn't being quit sucessfully. Sometimes there is no 'done' message from the http-server.
OpenTransport error (Unable to bind to 80) when you attempt to relaunch Jigsaw.

For saving and Shutting down, I've found that if I quit and re-launch JigAdm then all will work for a while. There are no traces in 'traces' and nothing else has reported problems so I'm not sure why the connection is lost between admin and server.

Servlets are in their home at 'root/http-server/space/servlets' running on the host 'www.tcp.net.au'.

There is a virtual host 'testing.tcp.net.au' also serving in Jigsaw on the host 'www.tcp.net.au'.

I have a redirecter that targets '/servlet/StatusServlet' in an indexer on the 'admin' resources of the following request:

ie. I'm trying to create a similar thing to Apache's 'ScriptAliasMatch'.
    Regardless of the request, if the word 'admin' appears in it, 
    then call a servlet passing the original request.

The request 'http://www.tcp.net.au/servlets/StatusServlet' works fine however, the request 'http://testing.tcp.net.au/test1/admin/server/list.html'

	The request 'http://www.tcp.net.au/servlets/StatusServlet' you asked for is not on this host.

So... the redirecter is being found but it's telling me that a request that seems to work perfectly, isn't available. I can copy the request directly from the error message and paste it into the browser and it works fine.

Damn - I've read this back and although it makes a kind of sense to me (and I truely hope someone else) it means nothing in english. It's hard to explain the results of a request from a virtual host to a resource in a directory using an indexer with a redirector to provide correct negotiation to a servlet resource at the root host when every frame, resource, filter and foe are out to get you.

Can anyone help? My only interest is getting this servlet to run. The other stuff is just feedback.

Remember the key: I'm trying to create a similar thing to Apache's 'ScriptAliasMatch'. Regardless of the request, if the word 'admin' appears in it, then call a servlet with the original request.
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